LeBron James Debuts the Nike LeBron 17 “2K” Dressed in Regal Purple

Late last month we got a first look at LeBron James‘ forthcoming Nike LeBron 17 model.

To keep the sneaker world on its toes, the King took to his social media accounts to officially debut a regal purple “2K” iteration of the collaborative basketball silhouette. Marking the first detailed shots of James’ latest signature shoe, fans have a better look at the Battleknit upper and the large Max Air bag Wholesale jerseys
seen via a translucent heel counter. Additionally the model features “2K” branding on the midsection of the tongue along with a jeweled LeBron crown insignia farther up.

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So far no release details have surfaced regarding the Nike LeBron 17 “2K,” but it is believed the sneaker will be an unlockable achievement in the upcoming NBA 2K20 game.

Most recently, LeBron James and Uninterrupted introduced glass helmets for NFL players.

Much hated-on LeBron James is living his ‘Kingdom Come’ season

Hours before the Los Angeles Lakers’ thrilling 129-128 road victory on Feb. 7 over the Boston Celtics, the last bright spot of the Lakers’ season, LeBron James brooded. Though title aspirations were faint, his team was then 27-27 and in playoff contention.

“There’s nothing I need to get in this league that I don’t already have,” James told Masslive.com after a shootaround at Boston’s TD Garden. “Everything else for me is just like icing on the cake. … Even though I love the process of everything I go through, to be able to compete every single night and put teams in position to come for championships … there’s nothing I’m chasing, or that I feel I need to end my career on.”

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The truth is James is a basketball anomaly who has always challenged basketball’s conventional wisdom.
James’ mood that night, and the Lakers’ season as a whole,cheap nba jerseys
brings to mind Jay-Z’s ninth album, and the idea that James is living through his Kingdom Come season. Grand hype met with mammoth disappointment, Kingdom was highly anticipated. Released in 2006, the project was Jay-Z’s post-retirement album, and his career’s worst.

“First game back,” Jay-Z said in 2013, ranking the project dead last in his discography. “Don’t shoot me.”

Jay-Z then, like James now, was already a legend with credentials for Hall of Fame status. But there were expectations that came with Jay-Z rhyming and painting pictures into mics. A standard of excellence that James is familiar with.


From celebrity basketball games to Los Angeles Lakers games with Young Jeezy and YG, Nipsey Hussle was an unabashed lover of basketball and a huge fan of his hometown team. Legendary Laker and current president of the franchise’s basketball operations, Magic Johnson, mourned Hussle yesterday. “I was so proud of Nipsey Hussle,” Johnson wrote on Instagram, “who became an astute businessman and created jobs for people who lived in South Central.”

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The relationship between the game and the Grammy Award-nominated Hussle was deep: He performed at halftime at the Staples Center; helped Russell Westbrook‘s foundation at Thanksgiving; partied with James Harden and Baron Davis (and Odell Beckham Jr.); and refurbished, with Puma, Wholesale nba jerseys
a basketball court in his own beloved Crenshaw neighborhood.

Most indelible, though, are the many images of Hussle and his longtime partner, Lauren London, sitting courtside at Lakers games. They seemed a kind of royalty, yes, but more like good people who made good with their creative work — people who’d created a family with each other. In these troubled times, the couple modeled for us a deep, fun and glamorous love. And then Hussle would stand to chop it up with Denzel Washington, or some other legend.

On Monday night, Hussle’s name was scrawled on the sneakers of NBA players across the league. In remembrance. The sadness and disbelief continue. As Johnson himself said: “Nipsey Hussle’s legacy will last forever.”

James Worthy sees similarities between Clippers’ and Lakers’ epic comebacks

Before the Clippers became kings of the epic postseason comebacks on Monday, the Lakers sat on the throne.

So when Hall of Famer James Worthy tuned back in late Monday night to the Clippers’ historic rally from 31 points down in the third quarter to snatch Game 2 of the Western Conference first-round series against the Golden State Warriors, the former Lakers forward smiled and reminisced about how such an amazing feat can be accomplished.

The Clippers’ 135-131 win over the Warriors pushed the Lakers’ 29-point comeback in a 97-95 victory over the Seattle SuperSonics in Game 4 of the 1989 conference semifinals to second best.

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Worthy explained how those types of phenomenons take place.

“Unlike golf when you’re down two strokes, you hardly ever are going to get that back. But in basketball, it’s a game of moments,” Worthy said. “And it’s funny cheap nba jerseys
how momentum can take you to another level. It only takes about five minutes really to get the job done if you’re zoning in, especially on the defensive end.

“Now you got to be getting points off of both ends. If I’m not mistaken, I think the Clippers may have done that. They hit some big threes. Back when we made our comeback against the SuperSonics, we were getting points off our offense. You had to double Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] and I, and we had [Michael] Cooper and Byron [Scott] shooting the threes. We were getting the threes and we were getting steals and running. It was about the pace of the game with us.”

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Worthy saw many similarities between the Lakers’ and Clippers’ comeback wins.

He had 12 of his 33 points in the fourth quarter for the Lakers. Clippers guard Lou Williams had 29 of his 36 points in the second half.

Cooper was the tenacious, take-no-prisoners defender for the Lakers. Patrick Beverley is the in-your-face, unwavering defender and agitator for the Clippers.
“You could smell that blood,” Worthy said. “You know when you’re better than somebody. I’m not saying that the Clippers thought that they were better than Golden State, but they had the ‘Beverley Effect.’ When you have that kind of chemistry and cohesiveness, he’s the pulse. It was Coop for us. So when you feel that, sometimes you can act on it and they did.”

The Lakers scored only 12 points in the first quarter against Seattle, which relocated to become the Oklahoma City Thunder, and were down by 29 points twice early in the second quarter.

Thunder’s Paul George comes to L.A. after spurning the Lakers in free agency

EL SEGUNDO — They were picked 30 picks apart in the 2010 draft by the same team. For four years in Pacers practice, Paul George and Lance Stephenson were teammates.

But in Indiana Pacers practice, they were most often adversaries. They would guard each other, talk trash and try to best one another. While George, an emerging superstar, was the better player, Stephenson wouldn’t surrender ground.
So when George comes to Staples Center on Wednesday night with the Oklahoma City Thunder (23-13), Stephenson sees it as just like old times.

“We gonna talk trash for sure, man,” he said. “I remember in practice with the Pacers, we’d always go at each other and push each other to be better. And I feel like that made us better.”

The prevailing question for the Lakers (21-16) might be more profound: What would it be like if George was teammates with Stephenson – in Los Angeles with the Lakers?

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At one time, the Lakers were considered Wholesale nba jerseys
the preeminent destination for George (a native of Palmdale) as he approached free agency in the summer of 2018, and as his unrest grew in Indiana. But the Thunder made a desperate play to trade for George, and over the course of a season, he was wooed to sign an extension over the summer.

He famously announced to the world on the night free agency was to begin that he was “here to stay” in Oklahoma City onstage at a party with fellow superstar Russell Westbrook. The Lakers didn’t even get a meeting.

The Lakers, understandably, aren’t much interested in revisiting the past – team president Magic Johnson ended up landing his own big fish, LeBron James, and the franchise happily moved on. Coach Luke Walton side-stepped questions about George and what the franchise hoped last offseason.

“You prep yourself, you do your work and then whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen,” he said. “You don’t get too emotionally attached to it. We went after players, LeBron decided to come, Paul didn’t. That’s our team now. We’re very happy we have LeBron James on our team.”
At the moment, James isn’t playing. He’s already been declared out, his fourth absence with a strained groin. Walton said he saw James shooting on Tuesday, the first day of the new year, at the practice facility for the first time since his injury on Christmas.

But even on a night when James won’t play, the question of “what if?” is still a powerful one. Having two of the best wings in the game on the same team would have been a compelling scenario for the Lakers, who have tentatively pushed back their search for a second max contract player alongside James to next summer.

Stephenson said he couldn’t offer much insight into George’s decision to remain with the Thunder, but the two still stay in touch, talking especially around holidays. Even though they no longer practice together, they have a team together playing the NBA 2K video game online, and according to Stephenson (who calls himself the better 2K player), “we ain’t lost a game yet.”

Oh, what could’ve been.

Tyson Chandler thinks Lonzo Ball is the player that can take the Lakers ‘to the next level’

Tyson Chandler joining the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency after being bought out by the Phoenix Suns is one of the things that allowed L.A. to turn its season around and come closer to its full potential. He thinks there is another player on the roster that can take the Lakers up another notch if he continues to develop: Lonzo Ball.

Chandler told Kevin Ding of Lakers.com that he sees unique potential in the Lakers’ second-year floor general:

“As far as the way you can impact the game, cheap los angeles lakers jersey
the only guy I played with like that is Jason Kidd,Wholesale nba jerseys
because he didn’t have to score,” Chandler said. “He could just control the game with his passing, by his playmaking, by his rebounding, by his defense. Floor general. I think those are what Lonzo’s capabilities are. He has to go there.”

Ball and Kidd are ultimately different players, though, even if Ball has the potential to affect games in a similar way with his crafty passing, rebounding, defense and pace-setting. Whatever type of player he’ll ultimately be is up in the air though, which Chandler understands, so he’s trying to help Ball it figure out:

“He’s finding himself right now. This is all different territory. Playing with me, playing with Rondo, playing with LeBron. It’s all different territory for a young guy trying to find his voice. So, I just try to encourage him to be himself.

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“Keep searching for that voice. Keep being the leader that you are. I know it’s there. The instincts are there. It’s inside you. Keep growing. Every time you step out on the court, gain a little more respect. Get a little more belief in yourself. I ultimately think he’s going to be the one who is going to take us to the next level.”

Going unsaid is that the next level for the Lakers is championship contention, which Chandler joined the Lakers to pursue because it would mean more to him to win a title in his hometown. He’ll need Ball — another Southern California kid — to help him get there, and by being a good veteran and giving Ball someone to lean on, Chandler may ultimately expedite that process.

Since LeBron James injured his groin, Ball has begun to show more of his full potential while having to take on a larger load in the Lakers’ offense. If the added responsibility can give him the confidence to shine in a reduced role and help the Lakers win on all the margins of the game when James returns, then Ball may be less Kidd, and more point-guard Draymond Green, a guy who serves as a key cog in an offense with his playmaking while setting the tone defensively.

Ball isn’t quite there yet either, but he’s closer, and with Chandler’s help, maybe he can take another few steps forward by the end of the season.

For more Lakers talk, subscribe to the Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts. All stats per NBA.com and Basketball-Reference.com. You can follow Harrison on Twitter at @hmfaigen.

Updated NBA Championship Odds: Los Angeles Lakers Surge Forward

All 30 NBA teams are in pursuit of a championship.

But not all squads are targeting the 2019 title. Since the presence or absence of superstars determine which clubs make up the latest batch of contenders, only a handful of teams are in the running.

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The 2018 portion of this season has already thinned the field. Cheap Los Angeles Lakers
While the standings are a bit more bunched than normal—especially in the always wild West—this doesn’t feel like a wide-open chase for the crown.

Our updated championship odds will signify as much. While a certain portion of these title chances comes from this season’s on-court performance, we also must account for past production and growth potential, and whether injury situations will either shrink or expand rotations.

Anonymous Lakers executive thinks it’s ‘too early’ to judge Brandon Ingram, but that team didn’t know LeBron James was coming when they drafted current core

As has become tradition after Los Angeles Lakers losses, the conversation almost immediately turned to how the front office could find more immediate help to surround LeBron James. Seeing as the Washington Wizards are having the fire sale of all fire sales, speculation has often been centered on a Brandon Ingram-for-Bradley Beal swap.

The thing those who push for that kind of trade seem to forget is that this was always going to be a multi-year process of surrounding James with NBA Finals-capable talent. The Lakers seem invested in really finding out what they have in their third-year forward.

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“It’s too early to tell for Ingram,” a Lakers executive said. “Where was [Beal] at the same age?”

Well, to answer the question, Beal was averaging 15.3 points, cheap nba jerseys
3.8 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game. Compare that to Ingram’s 15.8 points, 4.6 rebounds and 2.1 assists and you can kind of see why the Lakers want to remain patient for as long as they possibly can.

One concern remains Ingram’s fit alongside LeBron. Ingram is a legitimately different player with LeBron on the court versus without him (a trend that’s continued since the two came together) and while the Lakers can stagger the two’s minutes, at some point, you need the two best players on the roster to be able to function together.

This should go without saying, but something to keep in mind was the timeline in which this roster came together.

“Getting LeBron … makes it interesting,” the executive said. “Obviously, we didn’t draft the guys [we have on the roster] knowing we would get him.”

Ingram was drafted by a completely different front office. If we really want to go full galaxy brain here and you are skeptical that the front office just happened to draft a few guys who do fit quite naturally with LeBron (Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball fit in basically that order), that’s fine and quite fun to think about. But there was simply no way when they drafted Ingram that they thought LeBron was coming — and their fit together speaks very loudly to that point.

Still, the larger, overriding point here is that the Lakers recognize the patience they have to display if they want the LeBron James-Lakers era to reach its full potential. Beal would be a great quick fix, but would severely hamper what the Lakers could do this summer. Seeing as everyone knew this was a multi-year project, it just makes more sense to stick to the plan — which involves waiting to see what Ingram is capable of with a full year of playing next to LeBron.

Luke Walton says Lakers can’t replace Rajon Rondo while he’s out, but that Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball are doing well

Los Angeles — The Los Angeles Lakers are 3-2 since losing Rajon Rondo to a broken hand that required surgery almost two weeks ago, and head coach Luke Walton said before the Lakers’ 108-104 loss to the Orlando Magic that the area the team has missed Rondo most is how he lead their bench unit and made sure everyone was in the right spots at all times.

“With Rondo in there, a big part of what we did — cheap los angeles lakers jerseys
and me and him communicated with that — was really orchestrating that group as far as getting certain guys shots and running certain plays each time down,” Walton said. “We don’t have that without him. But Brandon and Zo bring different strengths, and they’re starting to get a little more comfortable with that group as a whole.”

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Rondo has still been leading vocally from the bench, where he could be seen taking players aside during nearly every timeout, talking them up and pointing out things he was seeing on the floor, but there is only so much he can do from the sidelines.

In his stead, Ball and Ingram are two of the quietest and most soft-spoken players on the Lakers, and so it makes sense they wouldn’t necessarily lead with the same veteran chutzpah as a 13-year veteran when both are just 21 years old.

“They’ll continue to learn and get better with it, but it’s something that comes with experience,” Walton said, although he wanted to note that this wasn’t just an age thing, either.

“What Rondo has, most point guards will never have. He’s just one of those types of players. He knows where everyone on the court should be. He knows when so-and-so hasn’t gotten a shot in a while. He knows when so-and-so is hot, and how to use them as a decoy or how to get him a shot. That’s one of his strongest skill sets that he’s had for a while now in this league,” Walton said.

Walton thinks that Ingram and Ball will “continue to get better at the longer they play in the league,” but he also says that the team also doesn’t need them to bring exactly what Rondo brings, either. This wasn’t a criticism of Ball and Ingram, more just an evaluation that they bring different skills to the floor than Rondo does.

“To me it’s more getting used to playing with that [bench] group. It’s a completely different style of game with that second unit than the first,” Walton said. “They were starting to build up their own identity a little bit, and this just changes that up, and it’s now just getting comfortable with a different type of point guard out there.”

On Sunday, Walton played Ball the entire first quarter to leave him in to shepherd the bench units that Rondo used to captain, and then had Ingram and James share the ball-handling load with the second unit to start the second quarter, to mixed results. The Lakers got off to one of their strongest quarters of the season on Sunday in the first, but then struggled in the second and let the Magic back into the game.

Ball is doing a nice job pushing the pace with the bench and making sure that unit continues to try and outrun teams, but the Lakers’ offense seemed to bog down a bit in the second quarter with James and Ingram’s more methodical styles of play. The Lakers simply don’t have the fear-inspiring shooters necessary to make a steady diet of half-court sets or pick and rolls work consistently. The team also likely misses Rondo’s communication defensively, where he would often call out opponents’ sets to get his teammates ready for what was going to be run.

With Rondo set to miss 2-3 more weeks, the Lakers will have to figure these issues out for a little while longer, lest they lose too much ground in the playoff race — or lose too many more games to mediocre opponents like the Magic. That said, they’re undefeated against teams not from Orlando since Rondo went down, though, so maybe the Lakers will be all right given that they have no more games against the Magic on the schedule this season.

Bradley Beal Would Be ‘Perfect Fit’ for Lakers Next to LeBron, but at What Cost?

LOS ANGELES — It’s been a week since news broke via Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that “every player” on the Washington Wizards (7-12) roster is “available to discuss in trade scenarios.”

Nearly at the 20-game mark, the 11-8 Los Angeles Lakers look like they could be a force in the Western Conference with a little more help. How tempted would team president Earvin “Magic” Johnson be to make a play for All-Star guard Bradley Beal?

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“Beal would be a perfect fit next to LeBron,” an Eastern Wholesale nba jerseys
Conference scout said. “He’s a much better shooter than [Brandon] Ingram, and LeBron needs shooters.”

Although Beal is only shooting 32.8 percent from three-point range this season, he’s hit 39 percent over his six-plus years in the league on 5.5 attempts per game. Ingram is at 34.5 percent this year and is only a 33 percent shooter for his career on 2.1 tries per night.
The difficult part for Los Angeles is finding a trade package to entice the Wizards that also fits within the Lakers’ long-term plans.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe said, “I think what [the Wizards are] asking for Beal … makes him functionally not available.”