If you’re not a basketball fan right now, you’re missing out. For the first time since they were founded in 1995, the Toronto Raptors have advanced to the National Basketball Association final and excitement for the game in Canada has never been higher.

This outcome was very much the vision of John Bitove, one of the founders of the Toronto Raptors, who said the ultimate goal of the organization would be to win an NBA championship. But more than that, Wholesale nba jerseys
it would be to recognize basketball as a major national sport in Canada.

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Hockey has traditionally been seen by most people — both inside and outside of the country — as the sport that most defines Canada. Fans have often been sold the idea that hockey players are what a Canadian is or ought to be. For many fans, national pride is attached to this descriptor.

The historical and cultural significance of hockey means it will always be a Canadian sport. But because of the changing demographics of the Canadian population, anecdotal evidence suggests some fans are starting to seek national identity through basketball. A few reasons underpin this new identification.